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Chris Bramlett is our professional gemologist. Do you have questions on gemstones? Chris can answer them for you. He is a Certified Gemologist Appraiser.

Chris has a wide range of credentials. Among them, he has held national office for the American Gem Society and served as President of the North Carolina Jewelers Association.

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What Is Your Birthstone?


January birthstone - Garnet

January – Garnet

February birthstone is Amethyst

February – Amethyst

March birthstones

March – Aquamarine, Bloodstone

Diamond - April birthstone

April – Diamond

Emerald is the May birthstone

May – Enerald

June birthstones

June – Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite


July – Ruby

August birth stone - Peridot

August – Sardonyx, Peridot

September birthstone - Sapphire

September – Sapphire

January birthstone - Garnet

October – Opal, Tourmaline

November birthstones

November – Topaz, Citrine

January birthstone - Garnet

December – Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

Red crystal
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Know Your Diamond

Learn about the quality of the diamonds you have

Know What You’re Getting

Diamond Quality Scales

Diamonds vary in quality. They are graded based on their cut, their color and their clarity.

Diamond Cut Scale

Excellant Diamond Cut


Good Cut Diamond


Fair Cut Diamond


Poor Cut Diamond


Diamond Color Scale

Diamond Color Scale

Diamond Clarity Scale

Diamond Clarity Scale

Diamonds Are Also Available In A Range Of Shapes

Diamond shapes for engagement rings

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